Bon Bon Candies


Bon Bon Story

The Bon Bon story begins when Lisa spent summers working in her Father’s specialty store, then a fourteen year career at Nordstrom. Later, after raising a family, she pursued her dream of creating her own business, Bon Bon. The dream became reality in January 2007, when Lisa removed the “opening soon” signs and wrapping paper off the windows at Bon Bon. To her amazement, she was greeted by the smiles, waves and screams of kids from the school directly across the street. It was an auspicious beginning.

Our goal at Bon Bon is be a store for all ages with speciality confections that you won’t find elsewhere, combined with the feeling of an old time candy store complete with personal attention from our staff that will make you feel like a long lost friend.

Customers are amazed at the variety of confections from around the world that we carry at Bon Bon. In addition, we carry local truffles, speciality chocolates, taffy, licorice, nostalgic and sugar free candy. Also, for the kid in each of us, we carry a wide selection of wacky candy, gummies, lollipops, gifts and much, much more.

We take pride in making “Bainbridge Island Fudge” on-site in our store each and every day. Our staff delights in hearing our customers proclaim that it’s the best fudge they’ve ever tasted. We are committed to providing the highest quality, best tasting and most enjoyable fudge available. At Bon Bon, we take pride in bringing a smile to the face of our customers.